Who am I?

My name is Peter Slagmolen, 38 year old and a Dutch nature photographer from The Netherlands. I love to visit woods such as the Veluwe or the Utrechtse Heuvelrug in only mysterious foggy conditions. I only take photo's on foggy mornings when the light is soft. The stillness of the woods and the possibility to encounter a deer on my route is just magical. 


My story

It all started 6 years ago when I bought a video/photo-camera to shoot all things I was interested in at that time, mostly my girlfriend. Years later I got a Nikon Coolpix B500 to learn to take photograps of woods. I always had an focus on woods and animals. So from that point on I had a good subject! Woods it was. The first december with my new camera I had the best photo-morning till now. No other morning was better than that one great foggy morning in Soest near the royal palace. I still want to top that beautyful day! That's my next mission. It brought me so much joy to watch sunbeams and to look at them forever on print. A year later I traded the B500 for a Nikon D3200. Now I spend hours hiking in the woods and ours photoshopping the best pics I took.  All for the world to see in my webshop! 


Look around

Feel free to wonder around my site of Dutch trees. Do you have questions about your Woodpic-order regarding the size or sending options? Please write them down in the contact form. Also use my contact form for comments about this webshop or related to artwork questions. Thank you!